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16/11/2018 : Christmas Shipment Announcement

To ensure that your orders are delivered before Christmas, customers are requested to place their orders on or before the relevant latest dates as below.

The latest dates of posting for Christmas Orders to some of the major destinations are tabulated below:

Destination Shipment Date
Asia Pacific
Australia December 1
China, Mainland December 7
India November 28
Indonesia December 1
Japan December 5
Korea December 7
Malaysia December 3
New Zealand November 30
Philippines November 28
Singapore December 1
Taiwan December 4
Thailand November 30
Argentina December 3
Brazil November 19
Canada November 13
United States of America November 26
France December 1
Germany November 26
Italy December 5
Netherlands December 8
Portugal November 29
Spain December 5
Switzerland December 8
United Kingdom November 22




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