TOP 5 Nebulisers – Aromatherapy

  1. VereLily Nova Diffuser     

Wireless and waterless, the Nova diffuser charges lithium-ion batteries just like your cell phone. Unlike plug in diffusers, you can take this one anywhere you like- in your car or in the garage. This diffuser has 3 separate aroma intensity levels and is completely spill proof. This model is so quiet; you will probably forget that you have it on!

  1. Herba Terra Cold Air Nebulizer   

This tall, silver beauty offers advanced NANO technology that uses no heat and no water. NANO particles will not leave that white residue on your furniture. This unit uses far less essential oils than other models. Even when set on the continuous 8 hour mode, it uses less than 1ml per hour. While it might weigh a bit more than other units (about 3 pounds) it is super heavy duty and will last for years. Comes with a remote control so if you put it on a shelf, you can change the settings or turn it off and on from your bed! How easy is that?!

  1. ArOmis Orbis Nox Vitis Professional Diffuser   

If you like things a bit different than the every day, this might be the diffuser for you. This diffuser looks very much like a candle in an old fashioned holder! It has a natural Beech wood base and all glass top for true purity. This diffuser has an auto shut off after 4 hours, as well as a 10 minute on/10 minutes off timer to help save money on essential oils. Uses no heat or water and is for indoor use only. This model is very lightweight at 1.2 pounds and is best known for never clogging up! One diffuser will clean 900 square feet.

  1. Smiley Daisy Gardenia Nebulizing Diffuser   

If you are a no nonsense, just want the basics kind of person, then this might be the perfect diffuser for you. The Gardenia model is made to maximize the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, without the fancy, schmancy stuff. This plugs into an outlet or a USB port, so you never have to worry about running out of batteries or recharging it. It uses no water and is very lightweight. This model features a timer and covers about 500 square feet.

  1. doTerra Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser   

doTerra is the number one brand of therapeutic grade essential oils, so it only makes sense that they would have just the right diffuser for them! This is a powerful, yet compact model which offers state of the art cold diffusion. This means no water and no heat is needed! Easy to use controls right on the front of the diffuser make this one a no-brainer! doTerra has included 2 bottles, so you can pour your oils directly into the bottle and insert it into the diffuser. No more wondering if your essential oil bottle will fit! Covers 300 square feet. This one costs more than others, but the doTerra name means quality, so you can count on this one working for many, many years.

Essential oils can bring a beautiful scent to your home or work area, keep the air clear of viruses and bacteria, while keeping humidity levels at levels that will stop dry hair, skin, and throats.  Everyone wants the best for their family and diffusers are one way you can do that with almost no effort on your part.

September 30, 2016
 by Tammy Robinson 

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